“Top-Secret” PS3 Driving Game Revealed Next Month

Tell you what; it’s hard to keep track of all these PS3 games being hinted at. Yesterday, OPM told the world that a ‘Massive Sequel‘ would arrive next month. Well, in another part of the Official Playstation Magazine, you can read this:

“We’ve seen a top-secret driving game that may threaten GT5′s racing crown. More next month – be excited.”

So, what do you think? Twisted Metal, Motorstorm 3, The new Need For Speed or Burnout? Will it challenge GT5 graphically, be more realistic, or both? Is it the same game as teased next issue? So many questions. A picture of the text is here, and Issue 43 of OPM is in the store now.

24 Responses to ““Top-Secret” PS3 Driving Game Revealed Next Month”

  1. keep smiling Says:

    The new game will come from EUTECHNYX,

    game will have pit-stops, tyre wear and temperature which affects performance, brake wear, tire blow outs, optional damage affecting handling, fuel management


  2. Little Stevie Vai Says:

    EUTECHNYX? Oh dear, their driving games are awful. Like driving through treacle.

    No thanks.

  3. dylantalon Says:

    ps3 is the future iand the future is ps3

    xbl/psn – dylantalon

  4. Only game i can think of that can have a sequel and is similar to GT is Enthusia by konami.

  5. NOT need for speed Says:


  6. Supercar Challenge was nice, really nice! for some reason the online mode was really boring because there were too less players…

    So let´s hope this game will give PD a reason to hurry up…

  7. Driver: The Recruit

    • Chris Hawke Says:

      Driver: The Recruit was changed to C.O.P: The Recruit and released last year. However, Driver 5 is a good call =P

  8. Why would Twisted Metal challenge GT5 for the racing crown?

  9. Supercar Challenge was awful compared to GT5 prologue. Awful graphics and tons of online lag. I was in the multiplayer beta and stopped playing after 3 days due to crappyness.

  10. Most likely MotorStorm 3, coz that’s a REALLY successful PS3 Exclusive Franchise, it could graphically OWN Gran Turismo 5, in realism, it will be incredibely competitive, but both games will be FAB!

  11. Its either the next driver or motorstorm

  12. Viktor Navorsky Says:

    I just cant believe… WTF MOTORSTORM has to do with GT5 ? One is a incredible arcade style racing game, another is a amazing racing driving simulator…. they can coexist without any PROBLEM… whe you got tired of fly away and blown things… than you can play GT5, if youre tired of reality..than you can go back to motorpost and thats it.

  13. James Bond Says:

    If only it were WipEout IV.

    That would sizzle.

  14. they we’er some good ?’s But I personally thk it’s going 2b the new Test Drive i thk that wud make #6 or 7

  15. GRiD 2?

  16. They’re probably talking about Test Drive Unlimited 2 which isn’t really the same kettle of fish but has the potential to be great :)

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  20. I really hope it’s from EUTECHNYX….. Supercar Challenge is the by far the best driving sim experience on the ps3