Rumour: Info on Nintendo DS2 from GDC

It’s not been long since the launch of the DSi XL but rumours from GDC point to a brand new DS coming in the not to distant future.

Check out the info after the jump.

Raymond Padilla of was able to extract some information from developer sources at GDC, however the name of the new handheld was withheld, as were the exact dimensions.

This is what he found out:

  • The DS 2 will have 2 screens but will be larger in size (possibly the same size as the DSi XL) and will be a higer resolution, with devs having the ability to combine the two screens into one big one.
  • It’ll have an accelerometer.
  • The dev kit is similar in power to the GameCube, so devs that have worked on GameCube or Wii should find the transition smooth.
  • Games for the device will be finished by the end of the year, however the DS’s sales show no sign of waning so there is no pressure on Nintendo to release the new device. A reveal at E3 2010 is likely.

Just remember, none of this is concrete or official however it does give an inkling as to where the DS could be heading. Keep your eyes and ears peeled at E3 in June.

[Via GameInformer]