ELSPA respond to UK Budget

With Alastair Darling and the Labour government pledging to support the UK video games industry today with tax breaks, but what the breaks will entail has not yet been revealed, but it could create 3,500 more jobs over the next five years.

ELSPA have responded today over the announcement, and director general Michael Rawlinson told MCV, “I am delighted that this financial measure will support private and inward investment in the computer games industry and will help keep British talent in this country.”

He added, “We look forward to examining the details of these proposals and ensure that the measure is designed and implemented to support the largest number of businesses in the UK. ELSPA is ready to work alongside key stakeholders and take a full and active role to deliver for the computer games industry as a whole.”

ELSPA chairman and Mastertronic MD Andy Payne also commented saying “It is absolutely heartening news to hear that the Chancellor has offered support for one of the country’s leading creative digital businesses. This is a very significant day for the computer and videogames business in the UK.”

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