Microsoft confirms USB storage; coming to 360 next week

Microsoft have confirmed that the rumours about USB mass storage coming the 360 are indeed true, and an update will be coming April 6th to enable the use of external memory.

The update allows you to use a maximum external storage device of up to 32GB (you can get up to 32GB by attaching  maximum of 2 devices, as each device is limited to 16GB each) which means the update won’t be able to compete with Microsoft’s launch of their new 250GB HDD’s, which arrive in the UK on April 16th for £80.

Microsoft also announced they would be releasing Xbox-branded SanDisk USB sticks that come ready to be used right out of the box. The SanDisk sticks are set to be released in May, though no capacities or pricing was announced.

[Thanks, CNET]