Hustle Kings to get patched; snooker pack on the way

Sony have announced a major update coming to their pool title Hustle Kings, with a new patch on the way plus an update that will bring a whole new game, not just a game mode, with snooker making it’s way to the title.

The new patch, which goes live on May 19th,  brings the following improvements:

  • Improved Breaking. Instead of the rack being perfectly spaced every time, a very slight variance has been introduced between the balls which causes almost every break to be different.
  • You can now replay the shots that are played in attract mode.
  • You’ll see more stats during loading screens.
  • Game options can be modified in online rooms.
  • You can watch other people’s matches in the all new Spectator Mode.
  • A new loading icon, viewing player’s profiles during an online match, and more.

Also coming on June 2nd is the new game mode called Snooker6.

As well as normal snooker, this pack gives you an offline tournament mode, more music and a brand new game mode called Snooker6 where there are only 6 red balls allowing for a much quicker game. No UK price has been announced yet for the Snooker DLC, but SCEA will have it on the US PS Store for $2.99.

[via PS Blog]

3 Responses to “Hustle Kings to get patched; snooker pack on the way”

  1. The main problem with this title is that chalking the cue ball is so random, you can shalk the sh!t out of it and still randomly mis-cue. Another problem is that there is no off-line multiplayer, if 2 of you are in the same room you can’t play each other! They can faff about with ramdom spacing of the balls each break, but there is no point if they are not going to fix the fundamental problems with the game, none of which seem to be addressed with this update!

  2. Steve Davis Says:

    There is off-line multi-player! Just push up with your second controller on the Player Select screen to change the A.I. to Human (up to 8 players in Killer, I think). Simples! :)

  3. And also if you only chalk the cue once when it needs it, and play the shot properly you’ll never miscue. I always hit my shots with the right analog stick, and I never have any problems.

    By the way, the snooker update rules.

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