Killzone 3 controls “closer to standard run-and-gun”

Guerrilla Games have confirmed in July 2010 edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine that Killzone 3 will have “a set of controls that will appeal to the vast majority of audiences.”

In the interview, Herman Hulst of Guerrilla confirmed to OPM that “the heavy sensation of Killzone 2 is absolutely gone; instead this feels much closer to standard run-and-gun responsiveness.”

Whether or not this means that Killzone 3 will be embracing a control feel similar to that of the Call of Duty series (which would tie in with their comment about appealing to the vast majority of audiences) remains to be seen, but for those of your who enjoyed the unique feel of Killzone 2, we’re afraid that it will not be carried over to the new game.

Killzone 3 launches February 2011 exclusively on PlayStation 3, and will feature stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move support.

[Source: Official PlayStation Community]

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23 Responses to “Killzone 3 controls “closer to standard run-and-gun””

  1. slinky123456 Says:

    Wow I’m surprised they did this I thought they would keep it the same cause it was what made kz2 so much more different.its ok to me tho I know more people will jump in cause of it but taking the element of it feeling heavy in kz2 was a lot more realistic of a feel than cod and I also think that cause of this change big kz 2 fans will be upset.either way I’m buying and I’m sure ill love it

    • I have thought about the ‘heavy controls’ argument and have played through numerous console fps games including Killzone 2, COD MW and BF BC 1+2. If I was remote controlling a robot I would expect a lack of responsiveness. The higher level of responiveness found in COD helps you feel more connected with that environment. When I move my head or my eyes they don’t feel ‘heavy’ unless I’m swimming in honey (which I don’t). The ‘heaviness’ of killzone 2 was an interesting experiment but in the end I think unresponsiveness disconnects you from the feeling of immersion in the environment. Looking forward to KZ3. Good move Guerilla.

  2. The heavy controls were what made Killzone 2 so special. If I wanted run and gun I’d buy COD without question but I want first person tactical cover and precision! What game is gonna give me that!?

    • I’m hoping Guerrilla (as fans of the game have already commented) will give the option in the single player campaign at least to use the controls from Killzone 2, because as you said, it’s what helped to make that game feel special.

    • slinky123456 Says:

      even tho it is what helped make kz2 special it will bring more people in to buy it but i also hope they give you the option to put it the way kz2 was for fans but i know it will be great with or without it so its all good to me

    • Preciosan Says:

      Tienes mucha razón chaval….;)


    NO … this is BS! I HATED COD/MW bc of the run n gun style controls. I LOVED KZ2 bc of the realism and now its gonna be ruined by these suck a$$ crybaby, fps players that couldn’t hang with the elite of KZ2. Now these people are gonna ruin KZ3 just like they ruined MAG and everyother FPS game … this is a sad,sad day and I’m sure that myself and others will be returning this game if the online component is ruined bc of this. Yea, I understand catering to a broader audience, but what about alienating the faithful that enjoyed the realistic/strategic experience??? Add me on PSN people : PSN ID: SITHLORD-GAMBLE

  4. Good, those controls sucked.

    No more kids defending them either.

    • No, Those controls rocked rather then have fake controls it felt real, it felt decent, and it took skill to get a 25 kill streak, unlike COD, or CS or other FPS

  5. YAY, the reason that this game had no online community is gone!!!! I liked KZ2, but the engine was faulty. The game had input lag on aiming, and the developers called it realistic. it is not “realistic” to start moving after you should start moving.

  6. Please stop using the words “tactical” or “realism” when you’re talking about KZ2. You’re talking about a game in which hostile soldiers rush you with knives and can take 12 rounds from an assault rifle. The game isn’t even as realistic or tactical as COD (which is neither), much less an actual tactical shooter like ArmA or the original Operation Flashpoint.

  7. Yeah, thank god.

    The whole “Realism” argument was utter BS.

    Like the fact that a pistol is as “heavy” as a rocket launcher.

  8. Responsiveness and realism are two separate things.

    Peeps automatically jump to the conclusion that you want it to be like COD when you say you think the controls should be more responsive in KZ2.

    Most people aren’t saying that.

    Every game should have responsive controls and there’s no excuse for a game not being responsive and fluid. Weightiness is great, but KZ2 was unresponsive.

    I don’t see even the most armoured up soldiers moving as slow and poorly as you do in KZ2.

    There’s an assumption that hard = realistic; while they may go hand in hand, one doesn’t necessarily equal the other.

    I like weightiness and mostly realistic feeling in games, but just wacking down the sensitivity, introducing massive deadzones and making you as slow as f**k in some places doesn’t do the whole concept of weightiness and realism justice.

    The sensitivity difference between aim movement while Aiming Down Sight and viewing from the Hip is completely off balance too and can’t be adjusted because the X and Y axis applies to both, so adjusting it, the gap still remains.

  9. Harry Montgomery Says:

    Yes, there isn’t anything realistic about the non fluid movement of KZ2. Having experience in handling assault rifles with body armor, I can assure you that your movement and the quick manipulation of your weapon will indeed be fluid and not heavy — except when your tired as hell from constantly doing it for over 48hrs. When you aim, it has an affect like COD, because if your not quick and at the ready, then you will find your self in a pine box going home.

    Having said that, the controls were awful in KZ2. The environment was great, the visuals/audio — excellent. The story wasn’t too bad.

    Oh and one huge problem — terrible NPC’s. What a crappy team Sev was placed with, a bunch of idiots who did nothing but scream, get hurt, and expected you to be their ” Medic” when you never get that option.

    But the controls have to go.

    • @harry montgomery they said they would fix the AI of your squad they can actually revive you now and they there fair share of taking out the enemy so yeah everythings being looked at I cant wait to see the jungle levels hopefull full of freaky ass avatar like wildlife :D

  10. LOL at people saying there abandoning the “faithful” killzone fans get real people!! they dont care about you its all about sales and to get good sales they need to change the clunky controls.

    I mean it had to happen k2′s didnt sell as much as it should have because of the controls this game will demolish COD if it has similliar type controls it has everything going for it great graphics badass characters Ive been on the killzone 3 official forums and have been taking to the dev there and they are changing controls to make it more accessible and that is what they should do they would be insane if they didnt realize there mistake there potentially sitting on a gold mine all they need is percesion controls no I dont mean jumping in the air and doing a 360 throwing knife kill GG wont do that they will get it just right so it will be more accessible and you “hardcore” people will be just fine have faith in Guirella games…

  11. i hope there is gona be kz3 beta or at least an demo,and if they had made CoD then f^˘k you GG i will stick to kz2 multyplayer

  12. Another KZ2 Fan Says:

    That heavy feel (and the Proximty chat, which better be in KZ3 btw) are what I loved most about KZ2. Once learnt, they were fantastic.
    A slight tweak I can handle, but if it feels like CoD, I doubt I’ll get it.

    If you can’t play Killzone, go play CoD.
    It’ll make a community a better place as well, in many cases.

  13. This is excellent news. I was a huge fan of KZ2; it’s one of the first shooters I bought on my PS3. Usually I played FPS on PC and I thought the controls sucked but I played anyway because buried beneath the controls was a very good multiplayer that I killed a lot of time on (and was really good at).

    Later I got myself some other shooters like MW1, MW2 and Battlefied Bad Company 2. After playing these regularly, one day I tried to go back to KZ2 and honestly it was disgusting. You can call KZ2′s controls ‘weighty’ all you want. I’d call them clunky, laggy and unresponsive. I really hope GG get it right this time and if they do I can see KZ3 easily being my favourite console multiplayer this gen.

  14. I hope they also fix the general laggy feel of KZ2. The bullet/kill lag was ridiculous.

  15. Harry Montgomery Says:

    Dont’ really know what the big crucial thing is — at the end of the day, you can own all of these games and play them as each one has something different to provide.

    And in some cases — the more hard core are too hard core and there isn’t any pleasing them what so ever.

  16. mat brooks Says:

    Killzone 2′s controls were garbage. I can’t believe gamers said they actually liked the delay.

    If you guys who liked the controls were a little sharper you’d notice a delay with every button you pressed in that game. The animation and headbob of how your first person character moved was great, veyr immersive, but when it comes down to it, the controls were sluggish… was a delay for everything, it wasn’t just moving and aiming, it was reloading, firing, throwing grenades… everything had a delay.

    Sluggish game. Would have been so much fun if Killzone 2 had tight responsive controls like EVERY OTHER FPS GAME HAS.


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