A Few Things

Now, of course, we aren’t on Freewebs anymore so things are slightly different this time. We had pages cluttered with reviews and previews but it was mostly news we posted instead of reviews (hence why the decision for a blog instead of a site)

Now of course, we will have the odd preview and article now and then, but it is a mostly news and review site this time round but even then, the reviews wont be as frequent. So thats why a timetable has been set.

On Monday – Thursday, we post news like normal but if me, Ryan or Brendan decide to do an article on something, we’ll do it. Friday is the same as above only we’ll add 3 reviews to the site, one for all 3 consoles (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii)

On Saturday night, we’ll post our sort of onmibus, news stories of the week just. And Sunday is a day off basically unless we’re bored out of our heads and do an article.

As for The Gamzsone V3 Show, that’ll be back too with a new episode being made sometime within the start of March (Rounding up what happened at GDC next month) and The Gamzsone V3 Podcast will be back as well with me, Ryan and Brendan doing the podcast on what has happened over the month, with the podcast being released every last Sunday of the month.

Well, thats about it.