Left 4 Dead Due in the Summer

After talking to them about new maps and achievements on Team Fortress 2, Shacknews then hit on Valve’s new IP, Left 4 Dead, due on the PC and Xbox 360 sometime this year, infact, they confirmed that late this summer is that sometime for the game as that will be apparently when the game is released. So far, there has been only a teaser trailer which you’ll probably see lying about on YouTube or if you have The Orange Box for the 360, you’ll see a trailer for it.

Left 4 Dead sees you take part in a co-op story of 4 people where…well zombies + guns = you should get the gist of it.

And just last week, it was announced that the developer behind L4D, Turtle Rock Studios, was now a in-house developer of Valve as it was bought by the studio, mostly known for the Hal Life and Counter Strike series as well as supermassive smash hit from The Orange Box, Portal.

While I dont think I’ll be getting L4D (Hey, I was shitting my pants enough through Ravenholm in HL2 in The Orange Box), it does look like one of the must have games of the year…

Left 4 Dead Rising in Late Summer [Shacknews]