DayNote: Add St. Joes to Your Devil List

From: Johnny
To: Ryan
Subject: N/A

I thought that although we’re going to try and be as original as possible, we steal one thing at least. So I stole this from Kotaku :p

Anyways, how on earth are you posting from school (Especially if Mc’Bride or whoever you do I.T. with catches you XD). I thought they’d block Blogger from the C2K systems?

Unless your posting from home but then you’d have more tests considering your in 6th form now…

Meh, never mind.

Heres what you missed while doing tests:

Sam & Max Coming to Wii?
New Team Fortress 2 Maps Coming…But Unconfirmed for PS3 & 360

BTW, if you can, can you take over between 7 & 9?

One Response to “DayNote: Add St. Joes to Your Devil List”

  1. ryancurran Says:

    i was at the house writing that.