Jack Thompson Shoots His Mouth Again…at Buzz?

In articles published by the Daily Mail and The Telegraph this morning, US Lawyer/anti Videogame activist/crazy nutjob/dickhead retard, Jack Thompson has let loose again his mouth…on Buzz…thats right…Buzz.

Sony recently released Buzz! The Schools Quiz for the Playstation 2 to sell around schools in the UK which means it aint going to be the most violent game in the world…and Thompson still bad mouths it!

Videogames have hurt far more people than they have helped

Does he stop? I think we all know the answer to that…

I don’t see how they can be of any more benefit than normal teaching.

But guess what? For once, somebody agrees with him!

Educational psychologist Jane Healy:

If you watch kids on a computer, most of them are just hitting keys or moving the mouse as fast as they can. It reminds me of rats running in a maze.

Why did you have to drop the courtcase you got on him on Bully, Rockstar :(

Thompson criticises Buzz! for schools [Eurogamer]