Gamzsone Announces Partnership with Ubisoft

I’m really amazed how successful it was done and in quick time too, especially on launch day too!

I’m chuffed to announce that Gamzsone has entered into a partnership with Ubisoft, one of the biggest 3rd party developers developers and publishers in the world, who make the gaming series’ Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and Rayman with most recent success from new IP from Ubisoft Montreal, Assassins Creed and an upcoming publishing deal with Free Radical, the makers of the Timesplitters franchise, for the Playstation 3 exclusive, Haze.

As part of the deal, as a personal favour, community coordinator on the Ubisoft Community Forums, Kazz, will host Gamzsone V3 via her own personal server as well as a custom domain (But not or .com or any of that).

We are still finalising details over a personal media relationship so we dont know yet if its going to fall through on its arse or if we’ll get it but I’m really chuffed that one of Ubisoft’s elite has helped us out.

As well as that, I’m in talks with SCEE over a media relationship with their forums community coorinator, Lestrade. Ironiclly enough, Kazz used to work as a community forums moderator on the SCEE forums before leaving for Ubisoft.

Thats all I can say at this time but it’s good news all round.