Gamzsone V3′s Top 20 Games of 2008: 20 to 16

Well, throughout this week, Gamzsone will be giving its top 20 games of the year that we should all have for the systems, if its for the PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii, its here on this list. No DS or PSP games here (After all, this is a console blog), just nice graphics and great gameplay here.

The list will be from top to bottom (16 at the top, 20 at the bottom)and will consist of 5 posts all this week.

Today, we do 20 to 16. Tomorrow, we’ll be doing 15 to 11, Wednesday, its 10 to 6, Thursday being 5 to 2 and on Friday, we’ll be giving honorable mentions…before crowning our No. 1 game of 2008.

So…do you think you may have the No 1 already…maybe. Just wait till Friday and see. So without further delay, lets get cracking.

16 – Half Life 2: Episode Three – P.C, Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 [Release Date = Late 2008]

Nothing yet has been confirmed for Half Life 2: Episode Three with Doug Lombardi of Valve saying to Eurogamer recently that it could be a while before we hear anything of the game. But what we can assume is that Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance, after the events of Episode Two, will be heading to the Borielis for this adventure with Valve hinting at some pretty big stuff for this, the end of the 3 episode arc and thus closing the Half Life 2 story arc but Valve have said that Half Life wont end at Episode Three.

Plus, we may be getting hints at a 2nd Orange Box for the PC and consoles if the GTTV episode at Valve was anything with the previous Orange Box added plus Episode Three, Portal 2 and maybe…just maybe a Counter Strike 2 on the way.

For now, we may hope that Valve does something soon and show us something at E3 at the latest.

17 – Silent Hill V – Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 [Release Date = September 2008]

It would have been a bit higher up the list, hadnt I would be so skeptical after the last game. The game has now been handed over to the Americans over at Konami after the Japanese made a cock-up oof a game with Silent Hill 4: The Room.

You play as Alex Shepard, who is a war vet coming home after a 4 year tour of duty around the world, only to discover that his brother and father are missing with his mother having mental issues. After looking in his hometown of Shepards Glen, he eventually ends up in…yes, Silent Hill.

But dont worry, you have help in a female supporting role in Elle, who is said to be playable but as of yet, Konami has neither confirmed or denied it. So far, the only confirmed enemies are the nurses and a new set of enemies called the “Slam” as well as Schism and Smog.

If it’ll face up to Resident Evil 5 for the horror crown, we dont know yet but so far, this looks set to be giving us a few more nightmares at night. Whereever it’ll be as good as Silent Hill 2 or Silent Hill 3 (The best in the series IMO) remains to be seen but just as long as its great and better then SH4, that’ll do.

18 – Halo Wars – Xbox 360 [Release Date = TBC 2008]

I’ll admit, I ain’t really a fan of RTS games but if Ensemble Games and Bungie work together well, this could be a must buy for you and me. The game takes place just before the first Halo, Halo 1 for the Xbox. You control the crew of CFV-88 Spirit of Fire with your instructions coming from A.I. Serina.

For now, I’ll stand by from the sides and see if its a must-buy but the signs seem to be encouraging.

19 – Eight Days – Playstation 3 [Release Date = Fall 2008]

Not much has been heard of the game since its unveiling at E3 2006. But recently at GDC, it’s been said that there was new info at the game plus a new trailer which shows a arms deal going down in Colorado before in a mysterious way, the gun dealer most likely commits suicide (Its shown in the trailer that he raises his gun to the head before fading to black, thus the suicide theory) but the trailer was shown behind doors, thus a theory that it could be properly unveiled at this year’s E3 in July (Killzone 2 was the same, a new trailer shown behind closed doors at GDC 07 and unveiled at E3 2007)

Still, if all this tasty new info is true, it warrants the 19 spot.

20 – Mario Kart Wii – Nintendo Wii [Release Date = April 11th 2008]

To say Mario Kart is a part of a group games for the Wii which would make it the excuse why you bought a Wii…is true. But Mario Kart seems to be one of the many games why you bought a Wii, featuring up to 8 player battles and 12 player races online. It will also ship with a Wii steering wheel where you place the Wiimote into the wheel’s centre housing it.

Mario Kart is looking great and we’ll hopefully have a full review for it at release.


Remember stay tuned tomorrow for our rundown of Gamzsone’s top 20 games from 15 to 11.