Gamzsone V3′s Top 20 Games of 2008: 15 to 11

Well, throughout this week, Gamzsone will be giving its top 20 games of the year that we should all have for the systems, if its for the PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii, its here on this list. No DS or PSP games here (After all, this is a console blog), just nice graphics and great gameplay here.

The list will be from top to bottom (EXAMPLE: 16 at the top, 20 at the bottom etc etc) and will consist of 5 posts all this week.

Yesterday, we did 20 to 16. Today, we’ll be doing 15 to 11, Tomorrow, its 10 to 6, Thursday being 5 to 2 and on Friday, we’ll be giving honorable mentions…before crowning our No. 1 game of 2008.

So…do you think you may have the No 1 already…maybe. Just wait till Friday and see. So without further delay, lets get cracking.

11 – Metal Gear Online – Playstation 3 [Release Date = June 12th 2008]
OMG, SHOCKS HORRORS!!! MGO2 JUST BEFORE THE TOP 10!!! Yes yes, but its not exactly MGS4 now is it. But thats not to say, you will be dissapointed with MGO2 because trust me when I say this, you wont. 8×8 Multiplayer only stuff and a few maps from the first MGO back when it was bundled with Metal Gear Solid 3: Susbsitence will return.

This is only a “starter pack” as Konami and Kojima Productions have put it. Now thats caused some confusion as to what that means, wherever there will be the full MGO2 experience on a entirely different Blu-Ray or it’s basiclly that for the expansions and DLC.

Either way, one thing is for certain, when June 12th hits, the only thing you’ll be playing (Other then MGS4) will be Metal Gear Online 2. I for one cant wait, [PS] is back baby!!! OK, I’ll spare you all the [PS] stuff for another time

12 – Resistance 2 – Playstation 3 [Release Date = September 2008]
To say Resistance: Fall of Man was a great game would be wrong…but to say it was a bad game would also be wrong. Considering Resistance 1 was only a launch title which could have been more, it was a decent game. Single Player was good but annoying at times (Especially the narration during cutscenes) but its multiplayer was great. Balls to the walls, all weapons and unlimited ammo, 20×20 on Rooftops was absoutely brillant. Remember playing that the night I got my PS3…magic.

But now, Insommniac are up the ante…by making some massive changes. The first and biggest is that MP is now 60 people. Which means 30×30 should be awesome compared to 20×20 and with classes added such as Medic and all that (ala Team Fortress 2), it should make MP awesome.

The 2nd biggest change is that there will be two storylines. One involving the hero from Fall of Man, Nathan Hale which sees him join a black ops task force unit called ‘The Sentinels’ (Wont explain why, spoilers from RFOM involved) which will see him take on the infamous Chimera. This storyline is single player although it is possible to play 2 player co-op split screen in that. The 2nd storyline, while nothing has been shown of that yet, will run parallel to Nathan Hale’s story and here’s the smart bit, it’s co-op for 8 people online.

It shows that Resistance 2 has the potential to be one of the biggest games this year, not just for the PS3 but for gaming this year.

13 – Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Nintendo Wii [Release Date = TBA 2008, Out Now in the US]
If you want a game to buy a Wii for, this is most certainly it. When it was released on Sunday in America, there was problems with its discs but other then that, its been getting raving reviews.

Hopefully, Ryan will get off his high horse and stop striking about Goldeneye and hopefully give a review of the game when it is released but right now, this is only the real game thats tempting me to buying a Wii.

Lets just hope Nintendo announce a European date for the game very soon (Sorry Nintendo, the first two weeks of June doesnt cut it for me if your curious)

14 – inFamous – Playstation 3 [Release Date = TBC 2008]

Crackdown + City of Heroes X the developers of Sly Racoon = inFamous.

Its a game I have been looking forward to for a while since it was unveiled at E3 last year, would probably place it No. 8 in my most wanted games for the PS3 but for now it may do with No. 14 in this list.

Still, it has got elements of Crackdown as well as City of Heroes but here is the interesting part, you can be inFamous for either being a hero…or a anti-hero (Otherwise known as “be bad”) and that’s what has got me excited for this game.

It is not known if there is online for it, either a co-op multiplayer or a section of the game being a MMO but you can bet Sucker Punch, the devs behind inFamous and Sly Racoon, will include something somehow.

15 – Left4Dead – Xbox 360 & PC [Release Date = September 2008]

OK, a zombie game. Yeah, not exactly innovitive. But a zombie game with co-op, online or off certainly is.

If you want the reason why we aint hearing anything about Half Life 2: Episode Three right now, this is it. Valve are so far about 50% – 60% through development of the game with a September release projected. The game will be running on Valve’s Source engine, which all Valve’s games have been running on since Half Life 2.

Hopefully it’ll have the great graphics and suspense which Valve have been known for since Half Life 10 years ago. But for any PS3 owners out there who want, Valve have said there arent any plans for a Playstation 3 verison…but they havent ruled it out, so watch this space.


Remember stay tuned tomorrow for our rundown of Gamzsone’s top 20 games from 10 to 6.