Gamzsone V3′s Top 20 Games of 2008: 10 to 6

Well, we’re only halfway through our top 20 but you can be sure there are still no duds in this half like there wasn’t in the first half. Today, we look at 10 to 6, tomorrow being 5 to 2 and Friday being our final post in this list, giving some honorable mentions to games that never quite made it to the list before…crowning the No. 1. Lets get on with it.

6 – Ninja Gaiden 2 – Xbox 360 [Release Date = June 2008]

5 words to describe Ninja Gaiden 2. Blood, Guts, Swords, Graphics, Ryu.

Those words pretty much describe the game in itself. There will be blood (No pun to the movie intended), there will be guts flying about, swords been swung around, great looking graphics…and Ryu…is back.

And this time, there is more weapons, new features and plenty more gore that Jack Thompson will be off his high horse for GTA and will get on another one for NG2. And yes, this game will be just as hard as Ninja Gaiden 1 was for the Xbox or Sigma was for the Playstation 3.

7 – Gran Turismo 5: Prologue – Playstation 3 [Release Date = March 28th 2008]

They have all tried. Forza, PGR4 (Despite its arcade roots) and the others have tried…but none can come close to the realism that is Gran Turismo. OK, the yhave not had any damage in their games which brings it down a notch. But the fact that there will be a patch coming soon (hopefully) which enables damage to the game will mean that GT will have finally hit that realism with a bang.

Plus, with 16 player online, this is t he full GT online experience which has been looked for since the days of Gran Turismo 4 when there was online due to be in GT4 until it was canned near release. But with 16 player online…could be seeing possibly 32 players in Gran Turismo 5 itself? Only one can dream.

We will have the full review of the game when GT5: Prologue is released in a matter of weeks on March 28th.

8 – Killzone 2 – Playstation 3 [Release Date = November 2008]

OK OK…it was pre-rendered at E3 05, we all know that. But the fact that it has now gone into an alpha stage with gameplay been shown at last year’s GDC (behind closed doors), E3 and GC (both publiclly), you can bet that Killzone 2 will surely be alot better then its predicssor.

The game is set 2 years after the events of Killzone 1 with you taking the role Sev, part of a special force’s unit called “The Legion” with the game been set in the Helghast’s home planet of Helghan with most of the action it seems to be taking place in the capital, Pyrrhus. Catch the new E3 trailer and the full E3 demo (Not the montage blocking the gameplay, I mean the full demo…with a crappy phone XD) here. But as it is, Killzone 2 is shaping up to be the finest FPS this year.

9 – Portal 2 – PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 [Release Date = TBC]

OK, we havent a releae year for it confirmed yet, but if there isnt a Orange Box 2 this year, it will most likely be released on its own this year, which is very good news for Xbox Live Marketplace and the PS Store as most people thought it was a game which would be perfect for them rather then a disc, although if that happens, there could still be a disc verison of it for people with no internet.

Anyways, while nothing of the kind has been confirmed, Doug Lombardi of Valve said to Eurogamer recently that there would be “more” of Portal with “accidental” confirmation of Portal 2 coming from the recent GDC from Portal producer, Kim Swift.

This game was last year’s biggest hit (To hell with Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4!!!) in my opinion and was certainly innovitive. And we for one, cant wait for Portal 2 whenever it touches ground.

10 – Resident Evil 5 – Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 [Release Date = 2008?/2009]

OK, by default, this should be 2009 as Capcom have said it’ll most likely be 09 before we see this game. But if rumors are true, we could be getting it earlier before 09.

So, we’ll put it in here for now.

Anyways, the game was out of the woods for the first time in 2 years at E3 07 after its debut at X06 (The now defunct conference for Microsoft). You play as Chris Redfield, the main character from Resident Evil 1. RE5 is slated as being 10 years after Resident Evil 1 with setting Haiti apparently.

We hope that this can be just as great as Resident Evil 4, because it was just awesome for the PS2 and it proves that if Silent Hill wants the horror crown, it had better fight for it. Resident Evil 5 vs Silent Hill V = DING DING!


Remember stay tuned tomorrow for our rundown of Gamzsone’s top 20 games from 5 to 2.