Motorstorm 2 Unveiled, Coming Autumn 2008

Well, it was confirmed at last year Toyko Games Show just as Evolution Studios, developers of the game were bought by Sony. Now…the sequel is here. Motorstorm 2 is finally here. First off, it will move to a new location, a island setting, set in Hawaii if the rumors are true with the rock/trance trio, Pendulum set to be included in the soundtrack for the game with one of their songs included in the trailer, but we aint here about the music.

It confirms that the game will be taking place on an island but what about the gameplay? It’ll have 16 new Track Routes from that island, 4 Player offline multiplayer and heres the best part…16 player online!

Kick ass!

Tell ya what, I am going to dig up the review I did for the beta site last year and post it. In the mean time, enjoy the trailer below.