Gamzsone V3 Retro Review: Motorstorm

In light of tonight’s unveilment of Motorstorm 2, I dedcided to hunt down our old beta site so I can re-post the Motorstorm review I did just last year. Motorstorm 1 was a great laugh (as you’ll see below) and I hope for one that it’s sequel will be better. Now of course, our review scoring was different back then last year so I had to change the score accordingly but it’s still got the score it got last year.


Developer: Evolution Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: March 23rd 2007
Also Out On: PlayStation 3 Exclusive

When people first saw the “pre-rendered” footage of Motorstorm, many were impressive but there was still the skeptical people who though the CGI wouldnt do it any good saying its “make-up” for the real verison of the game. But when the PS3′s original release date of November 17th came round, people were starting to get convinced of it’s true potential but still believed the game should recieve a delay by maybe a release for christmas. However…it HAD to be delayed because of the launch. Now of course Motorstorm launched at the Japanesse launch but at the loss of the online mode with Motorstorm. Americans had to wait till Februrary to get their hands on the game with an online mode. But whiel it was accepted very well with the American games media such as IGN and 1UP, the gamers themselves were still saying it was crap…but then nearly all of America are 360/Wii fanboys, no pun intended to Ryan.

When the European launch of Motorstorm came with the console, Europe was impressed with the game and though online and offline were brillant. The only downer was that you couldnt play with Americans who could afford $600 for a PS3. Although in a patch due for this month, along with Resistance, it looks like the game is going worldwide as far as online goes.

That said the game is absoutely supurb with great handling with the analogue stick or the SIXAXIS motion sensor, either way making the game a challenge offline. But when you go online, your challenge mulitplys…by X5. You’ll be playing with Euros for now but near the end of the month, you’ll be playing with the Americanos. But as far as online goes, it’s a bitch to challenge…but totally worth for the fun. Just one tip, dont use the motion sensor if your new to the game online. Other then that, you will enjoy the game online.

Graphics-wise………………………………………………………………………………is all I can say. Silence, because your mouth will not be able to say anything about the graphics because they are so good looking. Probably one of the best graphics about in a console game. There is great detail too in the levels about as well as the cars, bikes, ATVS, big rigs used in it. As well as that, if you crash, all bets are off. Your automobile will practiclly fall apart when it crashes.

The game sounds perfectly with authentic engine sounds for the cars/bikes looking brillant. But it’s the soundtrack of the game which sound brillant as the game is set in a music festival. Bands such as Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon and Primal Screem. But I dont listen to them lot. In fact I dont even listen to the soundrack except for one song, which is Lunatic Calm’s Leave Your Far Behind. But even still, it’s a good soundtrack worthy of the game.

While it does looks good on a Standard TV (Trust me, I’ve noticed), it looks stunning on a HDTV, especially the intro of the game which combines real footage with CGI and gameplay. It is brillant looking and while gamers had been hoping for the full 1080P experience, the 720P given in Motorstorm is a fair compromise. If you have a PS3, Motorstorm and HDTV, you will love the look of the game.

Overall, Motorstorm is a absoutely stomp popping game. Its really brillant and if and once you do get a PS3, if you only get 1 game, it should be this. The only downside…and it’s THE only downside is that there is no custom soundtracks. It was meant to be in the game at first but somehow they ditched it. Hopefully it will be added in a patch. So I’m going to take a point off the score for that there. But other then that, dont let it stop you from getting Motorstorm. Out of the 3 console launches of 360, Wii and PS3, Motorstorm is the bet launch title between the 3 of them, period. You see that Ryan? Period, you can argue with period!

Gameplay – HINT: Do not try the motion sensor online if your a newbie – 9.4/10
Graphics – Best. Graphics. Ever…for a launch game. End of story – 9.7/10
Sound – Authentic engine sounds and a great soundtrack is brillant, but no custom soundtracks…sad :( – 9.4/10
Online – Brillant. Absoutely brillant except a few laggs. But other then that, brillant – 9.6/10

Overall – It’s not only the best launch game for PS3, its one of the best launch games out of any of the current gen consoles – 9.5/10