Gamzsone V3′s Top 20 Games of 2008: 5 to 2

Well, we’re almost there. Tomorrow is our No. 1 game? Made any guesses yet? It may become obvious to you when we reach No. 2 today. So lets get cracking.

2 – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Playstation 3 [Release Date = Thursday June 12th 2008]

NOW…I bet your surprised. Hey, this is the biggest game I am looking forward to but the list was put together by the team, not me. So in the end, MGS4 was never gonna be our no.1 but it doesnt mean by all means, you shouldnt look forward to this. This is THE game that will convince you to buy a PS3.

5 years after the Big Shell, 7 years after the Discovery tanker incident (Both Metal Gear Solid 2) and 9 years after Shadow Moses (Metal Gear Solid 1), this is it. This is the game that will finish off the Metal Gear Solid series once and for all.

Solid (or Old) Snake has aged…terribly due to the cloning process or Foxdie, that is not known yet but the world is overrun with PMC’s (Private Military Companies or Mercenaires to you and me) and the top 5 PMC’s seem to be run bya mother company…and that mother company is…Outer Heaven. Yip the same exact Outer Heaven that Big Boss tried to build in Zanzibar long before Metal Gear Solid for the PSX.

This time its been run by Liquid Snake (or rather, Liquid Ocelot) and your final mission…not approved by The White House, not approved by the U.N…is to kill Liquid.

As this is the final game in the series, this will mean that the whole entire cast that have stayed alive so far in the series will be back. So that means Meryl, Otacon, Colonel Campbell (Not AI this time, thank fuck), Naomi, Raiden, Vamp and even..EVA from Metal Gear Solid 3.

As well as characters, old Metal Gear’s from the past return as we are bound to be seeing a Metal Gear Rex vs Metal Gear Ray battle on Shadow Moses Island (Check near the end of the TGS 07 trailer) so could we even see the Shagohod…or even (hopefully too) Arsenal Gear return for MGS4? I hope so.

This is the game…quite frankly imo, should be No. 1 but it isnt. But come Thursday June 12th 2008 at 9:30am *traffic pending*, for an entire month, my social life is gone. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Metal Gear Online 2 will be my social life for the enitr month between June 12th and July 12th 2008.

Brace yourself folks, its here 3 months yesterday.

3 – Grand Theft Auto IV – Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 [Release Date = Tuesday April 29th 2008]


Oh shut up.

There are 2 other games that just are head and shoulders above it, but thats not to say GTA IV wont be a great game, it will. All the tantalising previews, all the screens, all the promo vids and trailers and the small to little amount of info released on the game has resulted in the most antcipated game of the century (Halo 3 does not count as being that) so far.

Niko Belic has been called to come to America by his cousin, Roman to live the American dream. If by American dream, you mean run down appartment, no hot-tub, no girls and all the shabang insted of girls, hot-tubs and drugs, that sounds about right for the American dream. Rockstar have said this isnt a story of rags to ritches like it was in GTA 3, Vice City or San Andreas.

Once again, just like GTA 3, you are bag in Liberty City, bigger and bolder then before. While not bigger then San Andreas, the city is said to be absoutely huge and will also give a new meaning to a free roam game.

Not much of the multiplayer has been confirmed except there is no online co-op, just there will be mutliplayer, it will be online and it will be 16 players and it can be accessed by the mobile phone you’ll have throughout the game.

People…mark April 29th in your date…its the day, not gaming, but the whole entertainment…and just maybe the world stands still.

4 – Gears of War 2 – Xbox 360 [Release Date Emergence Day = November 2008]

Emergence Day 2 is coming folks…and its touching ground big. Marcus Fenix is back in what is the Xbox 360′s killer app this year (and so far, it seems to be the only one, maybe except Fable 2). While nothing of the story has been confirmed, although it is heard in the trailer that if anything happens to Dom as in Dominic Santiago, Marcus’ friend and partner through the first Gears, he says look for Maria, Doms wife, the Locust will sure as hell be back for the 2nd one after seemingly seeing the horde getting destroyed in the 1st.

And were you one of the many millions of people who were annoyed in Single Player or Multiplayer when Locust/Xbox Live player’s chainsawed you and there was nothing you could do? Well, it now seems there will be chainsaw duels as seen in the trailer, so you can do something about it.

November cant come quick enough.

5 – Motorstorm 2 – Playstation 3 [Release Date = Fall 2008]

Just to point out, this was a last minute entry made last night by the team but it throughly deserves it. The trailer maybe CG but when the first Motorstorm was unveiled just under 3 years ago, that was CG as well and when the final product hit at the PS3 launch a year next week, it was very very close to what the final product looked like.

It will look awesome, but it will play awesome. 16 new tracks on a new island setting, 4 player split screen annnd…16 player online…up by 4 from 12. This game will absoutely be brillant, knowing how well the first one was and we can look forward to Autumn 2008.


So Metal Gear Solid 4 or Grand Theft Auto IV isn’t No. 1, shock horror. So what is? Well tune in tomorrow as we give the games that never made the list that honorable mention…before crowning our No. 1 game.

I bet ya now I have you on tenderhooks like an episode of 24 or Lost…or maybe even Heroes…dont lie, I know you are.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    my guess #1 game Final Fantasy XIII

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A certain physics-based game has not yet appeared on this list…