Killzone PSN Integration is Flawed!!!

Today, I noticed something on N4G about Gurrella Games website. GG are the ones behind Killzone 2 for the PS3 and recently, Gurrella and the SCEE forums have been adding a complosory option to link their PSN accounts with their forum accounts on both the SCEE forums and the Killzone forums with this taking effect on Monday (St. Paddys Day)

But while the transition over at SCEE has been going fine so far, the same cant be said over at Gurrella. When I posted the story on the PS Forums, a few members experience that they werent on their profile pages, they were on other people’s pages.

With a few experiencing going onto an account from a French person….and others going onto my Killzone profile!!! Yes, mine.

In fact, one person took a screen of what happened (Just to point out, I dont use vista), here it is below.

Credit for the pic goes to lordsynbios over at the PS Forums.

Plus, there aint exactly alot of content on their forums which is something they need to pic up on very soon. And they need to fix this soon before the switch when SCEE and Gurrella revert to PSNs as usernames as of Monday with a 3 day downtime between then and Thursday.

Killzone 2 Rated PEGI 16, Now Able to Link PSN Account [SCEE PS Forums - English Community Section]