GOONL!NE’s Top 20 Games of 2008: No. 1 – Little Big Planet

There was never gonna be no real surprise as to what the game of the year was. For all we know, we could have picked Barbie’s new game and you wouldn’t be surprised. In the end though, we picked a worthy winner in what will be 2008′s most innovitive game.

Media Molecule only formed just over 2 years ago in January 2006 but you can tell with the wealth of experience they got while working at Lionhead Studios, the experience is showing with Little Big Planet.

Play. Create. Share.

Thats the tagline been given for the game and it certainly rings true as that is the simple gist of the game.

Play: Just play about with many levels already built into the disc either by yourself or 3 other players offline or online. You can also mess up the levels MM have already built for you so you can adjust and shape it the way you want it. But this is why the 2nd part is much better then that.

Create: Better then messing the levels MM have already done for you, you can create your own levels for the game the way you see fit. Best of all, practically anywhere in level is open for custom. You can also lay down photos from your HDD and stick them anywhere. So if you wanna make a level that is also a shrine to the girl you are badly in love with (STALKER!!! STALKER ALERT!!!) or build a level based on your favourite band (Lord knows I’ll make one for Radiohead), go for it.

Share: After that, if you feel your up for it, you can then share your custom levels throughout the world via the Playstation Network. You can also download other levels that other players made for free but if a rumor I heard is to be believed, you could also be charged for them as well…on the other hand, you can also charge for your levels as well if you so wish.

We know that we could have gone for the blockbuster titles for No 1 like GTA IV, MGS4or Gears of War but it was innovation, great gameplay and all those cute sackboys that made us go for Little Big Planet as the No. 1 game we should all go for in 2008. Hopefully, we will see a demo very very soon before the September release but for now, when September does roll out, if you have a PS3 or will have a PS3 by then when GTA IV or MGS4 comes rolling, you must get this. Little Big Planet will one of the games of the year that will bring innovation and great fun to the player.

You can bet my PS3 and Xbox 360 and my games for both consoles on it.

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