Gamzsone V3: Grand Theft Auto IV – The Situation

OK, heres the deal.

There wont be a review of Grand Theft Auto IV within the next 72 hours when the game comes out tonight.

Instead, there will be a written review on Saturday and a video review to soon follow. Either way, there will also be a comparison review to compare the 2 verison of GTA IV between thr Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 verison.

And pretty much so far, all the reviews have been saying that bar a few graphicial stuff, its pretty much identical…or it will be until August when Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One for the 360.

Anyways, I’ll try and get pics of the local launch going on (Gamzsone V3 Show that was planned for it is being scrapped, we wont have enough time to do all the bits before it)

In the meantime, chins up folks, not long now ;)

PS: I know I said I wouldnt be round this week but I was wrong =D