Finally, 1 Year and 1 Month to the Day After it Was Unveiled to the World…

Its finally here.

Rockstar Games have finally released the newest editon to their catologue of games…and it’s their best one yet.

Grand Theft Auto IV.

The game was finally released at 12:00am last night after all the buzz surronding it. I couldnt get pictures of it sadly =(

What I also couldnt get was the Playstation 3 verison of the game as (believe it or not, considering you’d think most people would go for the 360 verison) the PS3 verison was completely sold out. But the 360 verison wasn’t so…beggers can’t be choosers so got the standard edition for the 360. Anyways, I’ll be going to Tesco later to get the PS3 verison so not all is lost.

Anyways, this isn’t a review to say the least…but…first impressions are very very good. Halo 3, as good as it was, didnt desevre the hype it did if you compare it to Grand Theft Auto IV in hindsight because, all in all, GTA IV has deserved all the hype and attention it has caught.

New Zealand and Austraila were the first people in the world to get the game but sadly, their verison was watered down to make the game pass as a 15 in NZ and Aus (The highest certficiate there is 15 but an 18 certficiate is being pushed) before Europe, UK and Northern Ireland and America got their hands on it soon after and unlike the Aussies and New Zealand, the game was uncut and given a M rating in America and a 18 certificate elsewhere by the BBFC in the UK, the IFCO of Ireland and PEGI.

Dont forget, our full review is coming this Saturday.

Just to point out, the verison we’ll be doing our review on will be the Xbox 360 verison but like I said before, a comparison review will soon follow.

Dont miss it.

[Credit for the launch pic of Grand Theft Auto IV goes to Videogaming 24/7]