Grand Theft Auto IV: Latest Impressions *contains spoilers*

Well, I hope your enjoying Grand Theft Auto IV guys. Otherwise, if you aren’t why the hell arent you? And if you dont have it, go get it!!!

Anyways, the latest impressions from playing the game while playing the PS3 verison mostly (A mate asked for the 360 verison I have…but I got the PS3 verison last night from Tesco…with luck would have it being the last copy as well…£44.79 my fat arse though, Gamestop had it for £39.99…it was lucky my brother was there to lend a fiver as I only had £40) is pretty great.

*spoilers below*

I have just being doing a few messages and missions for Brucie as stealing cars for him (You can access them them via going to Tw@ internet cafe) but also doing a few story missions.

The last mission beforehand had you date a gay person (Also accessable via Tw@ and and taking part in a race with Brucie as my passenger.

Thats all I am going to go into as far as story mode.

As far as anything else goes, lets go onto TV. If you dont know what I mean, you can watch TV in your safehouse, featuring a pisstake at Halo but also a dig at the Democratic party in America called Republican Space Rangers (Hillary Clinton has a strong opinion against violent videogames but not as such the female Jack Thompson while Barrack Obama isn’t exactly like Clinton but is not a fan of violent videogames).

There is also a parody of 24 (YES…a parody of 24 which I didnt expect at all considering 24 is my favourite show) called 72 where instead of Jack Bauer trying to stop a terror attack in 24 hours, there is someone else who has a similar name (Cant remember it) who pretty much has to stop a terrorist attack in 3 days with the announcer going “Will he torture everyone of every race and color? I hope so” considering that Jack is torurting someone every 2 seconds in 24.

The TV programs show that Rockstar still has put the great humor in the GTA games into GTA IV…pitty the same cant be said about Ricky Gervais’ guest stint in the game. We were told that when we was appearing in the game, he’d recorded new stuff for the game. And while he did do that, its just not funny.

It shows him on TV (So far, pending on where you are in the game, you can only watch it on TV. Once you lock Algonquin, you can see it for yourself) talking about Stephen Hawkins and war with the Falklands war (“Smack…oww…smack…oww”)being his favourite apparently but also mentions WW2 and Vietnam plus more. Needless to say, I’ve never liked Ricky Gervais and this gives me another reason to add to my list showing my reasons “Why I Hate Ricky Gervais”

There is some static but on TV when you change over channels so it seems to indicate that you will unlock further Channels or at least new episodes of TV shows such as Republican Space Rangers, I’m Rich and the poker event being held in Las Venturas, which is in San Andreas.

Speaking of San Andreas, you get refrences to other GTA and even other Rockstar games. During a commerical for a race around some track on TMT (Cant mind what you called it), it showed them racing round an airport which looked like Los Santos airport in San Andreas (The race wasnt looking this gen, it was last gen, being run on San Andreas for the PS2 most likely)

As for other references in GTA IV of Rockstar Games, in I’m Rich, you see one hell of a brat who’s worth $950 Billion. She is sent by her father to 13 of the finest bording schools in the world, one of them seen in a montage…is Bullworth Academy from Bully/Canis Canem Edit (You can pick it up for the PS2 as Canis Canem Edit or the 360 & Wii as Bully: Scholorship Edition, either way, well worth it)

Finally, there has been reports of freezing and lock-up’s in both verisons of the game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. In the time, I have spent playing both verisons of the game, I have had no lock-ups, no freezing and no bugs, everything has been plain sailing so far *touches wood*

More impressions before our big review on Saturday at 6pm tomorrow.