Grand Theft Auto IV – Latest Impressions *spoilers below*

Well more impressions from what is already a contender for what will almost certainly be the award they’ll most likely get next year which is Game of the Year, Grand Theft Auto IV.

Last night, I got my 360 verison back from my mate so last night I did catch up on it.

*spoilers below*

Basiclly, I was working for Vlad at the start up until the point I got forced out of Broker into Bohan. So basiclly, thats where I am although while on the PS3 verison I was doing car missions for Brucie, I have been doing courier missions for Little Jacob on the Xbox 360.

Since I got the game, I let the TV in the game on all night so I fall asleep to it (Force of habit I have sometimes in other games as well, I left WCTR on all night in the pause menu after I got San Andreas) but since the 360 controller turns off after not being used for so long, I turned on the PS3 verison and left the TV on there.

One noticeable difference between the PS3 and Xbox 360 verisons is that when you watch TV, the PS3 allows you to have a full screen view while watching TV. In the 360 verison, you dont. Most likely to do with the Xbox 360′s storage capabillty on a DVD-9 compared to Playstation 3′s Blu-Ray as standard.

Anyways, as far as the story goes, just catch up was the only thing that happened on the 360 verison but I couldnt be arsed to get up and put in the 360 verison so I just played the PS3 verison and so far, I have done the 2 missions you get with Manny Escuda and Roman’s girlfriend, Mallerie called just after to say you have more work open to you in the shape of Elizabeta Torres.

And thats it, so far.

Multiplayer hasn’t been tested yet because I am STILL without the internet despite the fact that BT said that they would have sent us a package to get us back online by 7 working days (e.g. Last Friday) and it hasn’t shown up on our door yet so it has to be tomorrow (It had better be =( )

Anyways, more impressions tomorrow before the review on Saturday. Hopefully, by then, we’ll have the internet back and try out multiplayer at last…