Playstation Day: Liveblogging Eveything

Well, this Tuesday coming, Sony are holding an event at The IndigO2 at the O2 arena in London called Playstation Day. I was offered to go but due to money issues, I couldnt afford to go due to hotels, taxis and all that (Despite the fact I was told by a friend that there is a hostel right near SCEE xD)

But anyways, we’ll be having a livetext of the event where SCEE boss David Reeves and SCEI boss and current head of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (The post Phil Harrison had till he quit at the end of February) Kaz Hirai will be doing the keynote speeches there.

So far the only games confirmed thus far are Secret Agent Clank and Crisis Core :Final Fantasy VII for the PSP as well as Singstar Vol. 2 and, get this, Resistance 2 for the Playstation 3.

However, we are expecting announcements concerning PSN and PS3 as well as stuff concerning the PSP. Out of them announcements, we are expecting confirmation of dates for Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2 (We can pray, can’t we) as well as confirmation of a date for PlayTV, a date hopefully for the MP beta of Killzone 2 and Little Big Planet as well a announcement concerning Playstation Home, most likely to be another delay.

As well as that, we are expecting brand new trailers for Killzone 2 and Eight Days, the game Studio London has in production now with a late 2008 release projected right now before moving into pre-production with The Getaway 3 due in 2009.

More info as we get it.

EDIT: And we just got confirmation in the past few minutes that there will be 2 Playstation Store updates this week. The normal one and a special store update which will have a demo of Haze coinciding with Playstation Day.

06 May = PlayStation Day: two Store updates coming next week! [SCEE Forums]