Grand Theft Auto IV – Final Impressions Before Review *spoilers below*

Well, tomorrow, we post our review on what is already the best game of the year…but how great is it? Find out tomorrow but until then, I’ll leave you with these final impressions…

*spoilers below*

Since I got it back on Wednesday, the only verison I’ve been playing is the Xbox 360 and right now, we’re only halfway through the story while on the PS3 verison its only starting with Mallerie’s phone call offering you to work for Elizabeta Torres.

Anyways, so much has happened in the 360 verison within the past 24 hours so here it is in bulletpoints.

- I start working for Elizabeta
- I do a few more missions for Manny
- I am introduced to Francis Mc’Reary
- Francis Mc’Reary employs me
- I am introduced to Packie Mc’Reary
- I am introduced to Playboy X
- Playbox X employs me
- Elizabeta is int trouble after being set, she originally thought it was Little Jacob
- When in turn, it’s revealed that it was Mallerie’s best friend and Niko’s first girlfriend in Liberty City, Michelle. It’s revealed she works for the government. She says she’ll be phoning me soon, but as of writing these impressions, I havent had a phonecall from her.
- Elizabeta kills Manny
- Packie Mc’Reary employs me and in turn during the cut-scene for the 1st mission, introduces me to Kate Mc’Reary (The girl who is seen kissing Niko in Trailer 3, Move Up, Ladies. Check above to see it)

And thats pretty much what has happened in the past 24 hours, I am still to pass Packie’s 1st mission (Was so close to doing it too this morning), Francis’ last mission (Well…he says it’s the last but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t) and Playboy X’s first mission of taking out the Union officials who are part of the Italian Mafia at a construction site) but I should point that incase you havent noticed if you have the game that I am now in Alqonquin.

Also, to my glee last night, I found out I could fly a helicopter with Brucie and a few girls. But after getting a 6 star rating by the cops for flying over an island I havent unlocked yet, I realised about the one man army rating achievement which gets you 40GP. Flew over Algonquin for over 5 minutes with the 6 star rating and got the achievement. Must try and attempt to get the achievement where you fly under the bridges of Liberty City.

And I must finish the last 6 courier missions for Little Jacob so I can get the achievement for that…and hopefully unlock the achievement for getting guns off LJ as well.

Anyways, the final impressions are like this. If you dont have a PS3 or Xbox 360, get one of the two and get GTA IV, it’s just plain awesome. But just how awesome is it? We’ll tell you how awesome it isin our review tomorrow when it goes online at 6pm BST.