Playstation Day: Everything So Far…

On Tuesday, it’s Playstation Day and we’ll be liveblogging the event as Kaz Hirai and David Reeves do keynotes as we are expecting announcements concerning Killzone 2, Motorstorm 2, Eight Days, Resistance 2, Playstation Home and Little Big Planet.

As announced on Friday, it was announced that Haze would be getting a demo on the store as well as The Bourne Conspiercy and Race Driver: GRiD as well as High Velocity Bowling appearing on the store.

And now, news is emergining of a Resistance 2 demo coming…but not a playable demo. It would most likely consist of gameplay footage although if thats the case, it really shouldn’t be called a demo.

6/5/08: As well as that, it now seems there will be a brand new trailer of Motorstorm 2 coming to the PS Store today along with Haze but it’s unconfirmed if it’ll be CGI like the first trailer or in-game footage.

Anyways, I am going to keep this at the top of the page until Tuesday when we liveblog everything from the IndigO2.