Playstation Day: All the Headlines

So, our massive liveblog has covered just about everything but if you want in short bites, here it is.

- 5 Million Playstation 3′s Sold
- 8 Million users on the Playstation Network
- Sony Still Have the F1 Licence and Have a F1 Game in Development.
- Home Delayed till Autumn
- Little Big Planet delayed from September to October
- Killzone 2 Delayed till February 2009, New Trailer Shown
- Resistance 2 Online Shown
- New Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle Announced, Coming June 12th, the Release of the Game.
- Motorstorm 2 Shown, Has a New Name of Motorstorm: Pacfic Raft
- Mirror’s Edge Shown, Gameplay Video on the Playstation Store on Thursday
- Gran Turismo 5 Tournament Announced, Winner Gets to Drive in Dubai 24hr Race
- Play TV Due in September, Costs £99
- Haze Now on the PS Store

The bold ones: The main headlines

All in all, it was a good conference but was Killzone 2 really deserving of a delay? Dont think so tbh.

And Kaz Hirai did little to fuck all except announce the delays of Home and Little Big Planet.

[Credit for the Kaz Hirai pic at PS Day goes to Videogaming 24/7]