Microsoft Gamer’s Day: Banjo Kazooie 3 – THE First Screens

Aaaaaand the embargo is no more.

On Microsoft’s press site, there is folders there for the games which will be shown at Microsoft’s Gamers Day tomorrow in San Francisco which includes a new Viva Pinata, a sequel to Seen It? and, brace yourself, a game…called Lips…(more on them in a minute). But unlike them games, whos folders were empty, there was one folder which contained up to 12 screens.

And that game? Banjo Kazooie 3 otherwise codenamed Banjo Thereeie by Rare (The X06 trailer which shows the game is now on the YouTube channel but I’ll post it below the screens.)

From what we have seen of the screens, they looks absoutely fantastic and we’re sure that when the game launches near Christmas, it’ll look even more better then it does now…so what the hell are we waiting for? SCREEENS!!!

2 Responses to “Microsoft Gamer’s Day: Banjo Kazooie 3 – THE First Screens”

  1. fintang Says:

    Woa thank god. I saw a bunch of these pictures on oxm uk which made it look like a mario kartish game
    But I was releaved to see proper platforming on this group, looks great now though

  2. Monty Boyden Says:

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