Microsoft Gamer’s Day: Viva Pinata 2 Screens Also Leak, Scene It? 2 and…Lips? Plus Title for BK3?

Ladies and gentleman, we regret to inform people who didnt like the first game that there is Viva Pinata 2 and its coming tomorrow at Microsoft’s Gamers Day. While a title for it hasnt been announced yet, screens have leaked (along with Banjo) of the game which is apparently going to be shown for the first time at the Gamers Day tomorrow. I really liked the 1st Viva Pinata but due to a lack of funds for a game I really wanted (Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3 was the game, one of them 2 I think), had to trade it.

More screens below.

EDIT: It seems it did get a title, Trouble in Paradise. However, unlike Party Animals, this looks like a geniune sequel to Viva Pinata.

As well as that, it seems that new games will be shown off at the event in San Fran (Their bestest friend in the whole world, Peter Moore, lives and works there now with EA. Any one want to put a bet on to see if he turns up tomorrow, double if he gets stagetime?) including a sequel to Seen? It as well as new games called Ninja Blade and…the prize for the worst name for a game ever, weirdest anyways, is…LIPS!!! Yes…Lips…

Also, we just got word of 2 things concerning Banjo Kazooie 3.

1 – Rare has spoken out for the first time since the embargo was broken. Their community manager, George Keilon, has spoken to Videogamer 24/7 about it.

“You can’t tell altogether that much from the screenshots other than the fact that it’s pretty. We haven’t revealed the gameplay mechanic yet, which is the crown jewel of the game. So people really are better off waiting until tomorrow when we’ll be revealing it in-depth.”

Rare on Banjo: “Crown jewel gameplay mechanic” to be shown in US tomorrow [Videogaming 24/7

2 - According to Dutch gaming website, Gamed, there is a title for the game.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Banjo Kazooie 3 Titled [Gamed]