OPM Give World Exclusive First Review of Metal Gear Solid 4

Issues of the next OPM have hit subscribers this morning, the important bit of the issue? The review of some game which looks…OK looking, something called Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Naturally, it was given a perfect 10 and if I remember correctly, this is the magazine’s 7th 10 with only the 6th coming just last month in the shape of Grand Theft Auto IV with that and MGS4 joinging the 10′s club with such great games as Final Fantasy XII for the Playstation 2, Oblivion for the PS3 and many many more.

While they did play with MGS4, they didnt play the full verison of Metal Gear Online 2 (The beta ended last night) but will review it in the next issue. And before you panic as to if there is spoilers of the story in the review, dont panic, according to the scans over at N4G, there aint no spoilers.

The issue is going to subscribers now but the issue will be on general sale from this Friday. Oh, did you know I was in the last issue of OPM?

Must get the scan out.

Metal Gear Solid 4 – First Review [N4G]