E3 2008: Sony Unveils Video Store, Launches Today in US

At last night’s Sony E3 Press Conference Eric Lempel, Director of the PlayStation Network, showed off the PlayStation Video Store for the very first time.

Jack Tretton, CEO and President of SCEA, confirmed that as well as Sony (Naturally), other studios had signed up to include content on the store such as MGM, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros and Fox.

In the demo, they showed how a download could take place with a download of a movie taking up to an hour at least depending on your broadband speed.Also, a pricing structure was announced varying for $2.99 for a movie rental and roughly around $10 – $15 for a download to keep.

As well as that, there would SD and HD movies on the store as well as TV shows although there were no TV shows confirmed at the conference. Movies shown include Cloverfield (My favourite movie this year), Walk Hard, Rambo and many more.

You can also take movies with you onto your PSP if you have a big enough memory stick and it wont cost you anything extra to do that.

Finally, Tretton wont to illiterate that the video store would be available as of today. Right now, its available in the US (I tried to see it on the PS Store via my US account but as of writing this, the Store has not shown in Europe) but it will be available in Europe and Asia before the end of the summer.