RUMOR: Final Fantasy VII Coming to PlayStation 3 in Some Way

Sony fanboys, prepare your forgiving for Square Enix with the Final Fantasy XIII debacle!!! PlayStation Lifestyle has announce it’s said rumor and as though, it is Final Fantasy VII…or at least, something to do with it.

According to them, they know that a FFVII themed game is in the works but do not know if it’s a remake, a new game in the series or an extention like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for the PSP. They also dont know if this is going to Blu-Ray or the PSN.

However, thay have said that the original will be coming to the PSN AND Xbox Live Arcade this year.

Jump. Now.

While the original FFVII will be coming to the PSN and XBLA, this FFVII project will be (for the time being) a Playstation 3 exclusive but like it was said above, it’s not know if its a remake of the original, a new game in the series and whatever if it’ll be on Blu-Ray or the PSN.

PEOPLE, START JUMPING FOR JOY, ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES EVER COULD BE ABOUT TO BE REMADE!!! Well…if Square Enix announce it at their fan event in 2 weeks time or at the Tokyo Games Show in October.


The Final Fantasy Info [Rumor] [PlayStation Lifestyle]

EDIT: I’ve heard that people cant get on the site to read it so just for you…here is the post in it’s entireity.

I can now reveal exclusive inside info about Final Fantasy… VII!

Final Fantasy VII will be getting a “new” version of the classic game from the massive franchise and it will be exclusive (for now at least) to the PLAYSTATION 3. It is unclear whether a new version will be a simple remake or an extension to the original like Crisis Core, and if it will be a Blu-ray release, or on the PSN. Something else which won’t be exclusive is the original FF7 which will be coming to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade by the end of the year.

Both of this info will be officially announced at either Square Enix’s August conference in Japan, or the Tokyo Game Show.

Credit for the post goes to Whoelse from PS Lifestyle.