RUMOR: Massive PLAYSTATION 3 Exclusive to Be Announced on August 3rd

Not content enough by setting the internet on fire with another rumor of a Final Fantasy VII remake, Playstation Lifestyle has gone on to post another rumor.

They state that on Saturday August 3rd, they will announce a massive exclusive for the PLAYSTATION 3.

So, what is it you say? It’s been hardly announced yet but hit the jump for more info.

On Wednesday July 30th (Thats next Wednesday), they will give two massive hints as to what this game is. And then on Saturday August 3rd, they will announce what this game is on the very same weekend when the Square Enix fan event takes place where PS LS announced last night that a major Final Fantasy VII project will be announced at the eventy and it’ll be coming to the PLAYSTATION3 which is heavlly rumored to be the long wanted PS3 remake.

They said on the exclusive game that it’ll release in 2009 and this is way more better looking then Killzone 2, MAG or inFamous as shown below.

Do you think Killzone 2 looks amazing , are you thrilled about the 256 online player mode of MAG , Looking forward to the great gameplay of inFamous , I’m very thrilled to announce that the 3 previous games are NOTHING compared with the new announcement coming on 3 August. On Wednesday 30 July i will give you 2 hints. please check back on 3 August… for the announcement and again its a New “
Playstation 3 ” exclusive ” , Let the guessing and the waiting game begin ! (game will release late 2009)

Team ICO’s new project?

Announcing MAJOR New PS3 Exclusive on 3 August [Playstation Lifestyle]