PS Store Update: PixelJunk Eden Comes to PS Store in UK and US

PixelJunk Eden has been released, as promised last week by Dylan Cuthbert on the PS blog, in the UK and US. The game, the 3rd in the PixelJunk series, was released today on the PS Store for £4.99 or for our friends in the US, $9.99.

The game features some very nifty features such as Trophies (The 2nd game to have it plus the first game to launch with them) and a great bonus of uploading videos onto YouTube as well as the XMB, the first game to do not just for the PLAYSTATION 3 in Western Europe & North America anyways but also the first game in Western Europe & North America to do so on any game for any platform.

And to give you an example as such, here is one I made earlier, after the jump.

Also included in the store update for EU was a PSP demo of echochrome, some new stuff from Sony’s free music show on the PS Store which was announced at PlayStation Day in May, Movement, as well as trailers of Prince of Persia (I havent downloaded because its the E3 trailer and I already have it but still, download it) and The Last Guy, which sees you…as a zombie trying…to save humans from other zombies but the game does use Google Maps for locations around the world such as LA, Tokyo and London.

Finally, a wallpaper of Bionic Commando: Rearmed was released.

Full list (EU):

PixelJunk Eden – £4.99
PixelJunk Eden (Demo) – Free
echchrome Micro – Free
Movement – Free
Prince of Persia (E3 2008 Trailer) – Free
The Last Guy (Trailer) – Free
Bionic Command Rearmed Wallpapers – Free

As for our good old Yankee Doodle Do friends in the ‘States, they get PJE but also get 3 (Yes count them) 3 demos! Madden NFL 09, Facebreaker and Lego Indiana Jones for which you wanna try before you get the game which is out now.

As well as that, you get the usual Rock Band DLC updates which come every week as well as the first DLC coming for Soul Calibur IV (Which is out today) with Customization Equipment Pack 1 and the soundtrack to the game. Also, videos of the AST Tour, gameplay videos of Bejing 2008 (Quick point for nobody in the know, it starts Next Friday), the making of Bionic Commando Rearmed, Vampire Rain as well as The Last Guy.

Themes and wallpapers wise, you get a Killzone 2 theme, 2 PixelJunk Eden themes, 2 Siren: Blood Curse wallpapers, 2 Soul Calubur IV wallpapers and a Street Fighter IV wallpaper.

Full list (US):

PixelJunk Eden – $9.99
Soul Calibur IV (Customization Equipment Pack 1) – $1.49
thenewno2 – Yomp [Rock Band] – $0.99
Staind – This Is It [Rock Band] – $1.99
Scars on Broadway – They Say [Rock Band] – $1.99
Testament – Electric Crown [Rock Band] – $1.99
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Game (Demo) – Free
Madden NFL 09 (Demo) – Free
FaceBreaker (Demo) – Free
The Last Guy (Trailer) – Free
Vampire Rain (Trailer) – Free
Bejing 2008 (2 Videos) – Free
Bionic Command Rearmed: Making of – Part 2
AST Dew Tour (4 Videos)
Killzone 2 (Theme) – Free
PixelJunk Eden (Theme) – Free
Siren: Blood Curse (2 Wallpaper) – Free
Soul Calibur IV (2 Wallpaper) – Free
Soul Calibur IV OST (Downloadable Music) – $0.99 Per Track, $14.99 Full Set