Update for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Available Now, Adds GT:TV

For anybody who has Gran Turismo 5: Prologue right now either on Blu-Ray or via download from the PS Store, you’ll be glad to know that an update has been released for the game. While it includes the usual patches and fixes etc etc, the big update it does add to it is Gran Turismo TV (Or GT:TV for short) which includes motor shows from around the world.

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It includes programs from GT Creator Kazunori Yamauchi talking about the latest cars, taking an inside look inside Ferrari as well as their secret test track in All About Ferrari, driving around the Nurburgring in the Nurburgring 24h Race, the GT-R Legend which consists of the Nissan GT-R Prototype 05 which Yamauchi had a hand in designing in (the car is also in the game) and GT’s exclusive driving show in First Impressions.

As well as that, exclusive coverage of Japan’s Touring Car Tour in the 2008 Super GT Series, the D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series, Best Motoring (We know its a motoring show but we dont know where ) and see more of the fun stuff in Video Option.

But, of course, the key program for us UKians? Polyphony Digital has snagged a deal with the BBC to bring us…


Yes, we may not see some of their news stuff now until the start of the autumn now because of the Olympics but incase we get nostalgic, we can see some of the old stuff from Jeremy Clarkson (JC FOR PRIME MINISTER!!!), Richard Hammond and James “Captain Slow” May.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Top Gear to download.

But here is the trailer of GT:TV shown at Sony’s Press Conference at E3.