RUMOR: Autumn Xbox Update Coming on September 7th

Take this one as rumor but apparently when these rumored US Price Cuts for the Xbox 360 come soon (if they do come soon), there will be something better then a price cut for the console…or for that matter, a rumored motion controller package thrown in.

According to Joystiq, a highly placed source inside Marketing in Microsoft has said that when the Arcade bundle (Thats the one without a HDD) gets reduced, a new bundle which will include the usual arcade games in a 512 MB Memory Card, it will get a Motion Sensor Controller with a couple of Motion Control games being developed by Rare.

But here’s the kicker.

The bundle will have the new Xbox Experience added into the console when the new SKU is out which is apparently September 7th. So could the new update be coming just before or on September 7th? We’ll hopefully find out soon.

Rumor: New $199 360 Sku with Motion Controller [360 Fanboy]