Leipzig 08: RUMOR – Mirror’s Edge a Timed PLAYSTATION 3 Exclusive?

Hmm, I sorta had a feeling this may have happened considering it was unveiled at PlayStation Day back in May. Infact when it was shown that this game was on the list of games been shown at PS Day in London, it was originally thought it was going to be announced as a timed exclusive for the PS3.

Now it seems that Mirror’s Edge is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 as a timed exclusive…if a German website reporting back from Games Convention is to be believed.

And it’s David Reeves from SCEE who seems to have kicked it off…

The PS3 will be continuously supplied with exclusive games: “We are continuously, month after month publish new titles that bring something unique and different target groups. In a month, it is Gran Turismo, in the next SingStar, as well as Third-Party Title as mirrors Edge by Electronic Arts are part of this strategy. ” According to Reeves Mirrors Edge will initially exclusively for the PS3 this year.

The PC and Xbox 360 versions would follow much later. The developers of DICE for Electronic Arts this statement could not confirm, however: “That we know so far nothing. But it is possible that there is collusion at the highest level, of which we are still not informed.” So far, the developers assume that Mirrors Edge at year’s-end for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC simultaneously.

If this is true, it will give PS3 sales a good kick in the backside in the run up to christmas but not as big as one assumingly for a game like…say Metal Gear Solid 4 or LittleBigPlanet.

Plus, it could be EA’s way of giving a PS3 a timed exclusive like they did with Rock Band for the Xbox 360 in Europe and Rock Band 2 worldwide for the Xbox 360 despite the fact that Rock Band and Mirror’s Edge are in two different genres.

Rumor: Mirror’s Edge PS3 Timed Exclusive [Ripten]

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