RUMOR: Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One Details

The BitBag seems to have got some very big info on Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One, the first of two exclusive Downloadable episode’s coming to the Xbox 360 verison of Grand Theft Auto IV. Just to clarify, they did not disclose anything like a plot, setting or anything similar to it.

But what they did reveal is after the jump.

Numero Uno – Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One will be out sometime between Late October – Early November
Numero Dos – Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One seems to be more like an expansion pack.
Numero Tres – Grand Thet Auto IV: Episode One is set to cost over 1600 MS points (Which if I can calculate right considering 800 MS points is worth £5 and 1200 is £10, it’ll be £15 – £20)

And they say that they’ll bringing more info on the subject very soon.

Now all we need is footage from Rockstar at least and we’re set.

GTAIV DLC Rumored to Be Huge and Cost 1600 MS Points [The BitBag]