RUMOR: OPM Rumor’s Kingdom Hearts III at TGS

OPM Issue 23 reached subscribers yesterday and the issue contained 2 world exclusive reviews of Mercenaries 2 and Fifa 09, both god 7/10 and 9/10 respectfully.

But there was an intersting part in the issue which may raise a couple of eyebrows come TGS time including ours.

Hit the jump to find out what it is.

In it’s rumor section, it mentions the fact that Kingdom Hearts III is in development for the PS3 and will be at TGS.

The exact quote being.

“Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development as a PS3 exclusive and will be announced at TGS.”

This backs up the rumor that GOONL!NE posted only nearly a month ago statin that KH3 would be unveiled as early as the DKΣ3713 earlier in the month (Which didnt happen) to as late as TGS which is plausable now considering the OPM rumor.

We can only hope that it is true.

11 Responses to “RUMOR: OPM Rumor’s Kingdom Hearts III at TGS”

  1. hideandgeek Says:

    Interesting. I’d be a happy man if KHIII was shown at TGS. Seems quite likely to me in all honesty. Looking forward to finding out more at TGS…

  2. theinsider9 Says:

    I really think that this is a true rumor for once.

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  6. I really hope this is true its more than past due

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