Bungie Counting Down to Something Big – New Halo?

A biiiiiiiiiiiig countdown has started on Bungie’s website and it’s looking like today, we finally get to see that game which was pulled from Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.

Right now, the countdown stands at 2 hours, 5 minutes with the countdown stopping just after 3:00pm GMT specificlly at 3:07pm GMT which happens to be 7:07am PST, the time being Bungie’s favourite number 7.

It’s also saying stuff like “Pardon Our Dust, Final Notice: Past Bill Due, Services Will Resume” and more we bet.

Why though the countdown?

It is very likely that we could see that E3 game at long long last, maybe we are seeing Peter Jackson’s Halo Project, Halo Chronicles which is unlikely or the 2nd best case scenairo would be…Mythic.

But what’s Mythic I hear you cry. It’s gonna be the next map pack for Halo 3 but when we are going to get it, I dont know. But Mythic ties in with the new achievements that were recently released in Title Update 2 for the game.

Something else that also ties in with the achievements though is…well…something we dont know about and it’s left us seriously confused.

In a couple of achievements for Halo 3, it’s saying to us we finish the first or last level (Cant remember personally, one of the two) on a Ghost which is impossible right now considering you can only drive the Warthog at the end of the game.

So are we getting a Campaign Editor? We’ll see yet.

Either way, something exciting is about to go down at Bungie, be very excited.

Bungie.net: Service will resume momentarly [Bungie.net]

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