Forums Coming Soon/LittleBigPlanet Situation

LittleBigPlanet in a mo but first off, a big announcement.

Back in the original concept of the site as Gamzsone V3, we were planning forums but we never got round to finishing them and opening them.

As of sometime in October/November, we shall be finishing off the forums and opening them for you to post in but you can still make comments here on the site.

Of course, there will be rules to be applied for on the forums, here and on our YouTube channel but they’ll be coming when the forums do.

As for LittleBigPlanet…

We have hit a little snafoo with the codes BUT it doesn’t mean anything yet.

It doesn’t neccsary mean we aren’t getting them but it’s a little more complicated then it is right now. As soon as we have more info, we’ll let you know.

But for now, your best chance of getting a code isnt to (for now) spam up the comment box asking for a code, we will let you know how to enter tomorrow.

Thats all I am gonna say on the subject for now.

26 Responses to “Forums Coming Soon/LittleBigPlanet Situation”

  1. doublee22 Says:

    it may be time to call it quits for this site

  2. sleeperx9 Says:

    NEVER!! I got unlucky again at 1up, at gamepro, even at gamegirl. And I have a s**t cold and lbp is about the only thing that my mind would like. So what news do you have, Jon? Please make my day

  3. sleeperx9 Says:

    you know, technically, he can still keep his promise.

    “September 30, 2008 at 0:45 am, Jonathan Cullen Says:
    I promise you, on my life, tomorrow.”

    in the place where he posted that from, western europe, it was the 30th

  4. boyceisgod Says:

    Its a fucking free thing, don’t act like he owes you the codes.

    And besides, its probably 18 more days till release.

  5. sleeperx9 Says:

    I know he owes me nothing. actually, if you read carefully you’ll see that i was apologetic of him too. and btw, the game is about three weeks away from me at least. and given that the beta is supposedly worth the effort of looking for it, i would say that just asking unimposingly for any news about the codes, which is what i did, is entirely justifiable.

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