Final Fantasy XIII TGS Trailer Audio Leaked [UPDATE]

UPDATE: It’s up and after the jump as well as analysis.

Original Story: Square, this is why you need to stop with all the secretcy around Final Fantasy XIII, it’s getting ridiculous.

Someone has managed to leak out the audio to the trailer of FFXIII that was in the mega theatre at this year’s Tokyo Games Show this year.

We’re gonna put this on our YouTube channel very soon (I know, audio, not video but still) so stay tuned but here’s a direct link to it.

TGS 2008: FFXIII Trailer Audio Now Online [Forever-Fantasy]

From what we can hear, the clip does take place between Lightning and Mr. 33cm who talk amongist each other but we don’t know what they’re talking about as it’s in Japanese (Anybody who wants to give a rough translation of it, be our guest).

Also, we can hear the main theme of the game from the end of the but other then that, thats all we know.

Anybody want to translate for us?