PlayStation Home 1.00 Coming Very Soon, Internal Testing Taking Place

You know when they say paitence is a virtue.

Try saying that to the people who have been waiting for PlayStation Home. The service has recieved numourus delays since it was unveiled a year and a half ago but now, the serivce is finally on it’s way and Sony has assured us it will be out before the end of the year.

Even anybody who buys the next issue of Qore in the US will be able to get into the service but nothing yet for us Europeans luckully, we have been given more info.

How about “this year” then?

Sorry, you dont have too long to wait compared to the length of the project so far, but I know the lack of a date is annoying.

If it helps v1.0 is in internal testing and will hit the closed beta in the coming weeks as will more testers by invitation.

Something I mentioned to the beta testers today is important to remember. 1.0 is a major milestone on our journey but it is not the destination. Think long term beyond Open Beta, theres stuff that will arrive in the few months after Open Beta starts that will really show what Home can bring to you. Some really innovative and clever ideas and some wonderful implementations of the Home vision and, to be blunt, some really fun stuff to do.

Sorry, I’m starting to sound like I’m in marketing now but really, be excited about Open Beta but look well beyond that too.

Notice the bit in bold, Verison 1.00.

It is in internal testing right now with it going out to beta testers in the closed beta right now within the next few weeks.

Maybe we’ll get a open beta sooner then later?

Anyways, we’ve asked for comment from Sony concerning a similar situation for Europe about Qore’s Home scheme, if we get a reply, we’ll put it up.

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