Peter Molyneux’s Next Project to Be Revealed Next Year

Only days after Fable II was chucked out of Lionhead Studios, talk of their next game is under way. Their much hyped secret game which Creative Director of Lionhead Studios, Peter Molyenux has talked a little bit about during the development of Fable II is to be revealed sometime next year.

At the Eurogamer Expo, a rep told Videogaming 24/7 that their next game will be revealed sometime early next year.

It is based on a experimental AI engine which then went on a experimental game called “Dimitri” which has not and will not be shown due to it being canned but in the pre-dev process of Dimitri, a discovery was found in it which could and has now formed the basis of this game which will be revealed next year.

And this said game will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 (Because… ya’know… Lionhead Studios have been 1st party MGS since 06)

But for now, we can go back to Fable II which is of coruse, absoutely amazing as shown here in our review of it. Infact, it’s so compelling, I did something which I haven’t done in a long time because of it: Buy an Arcade game and get Fable II Pub Games.

Lionhead’s Secret Game to Be Announced “Early Next Year”, Says Rep [Videogaming 247]

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