GOONL!NE Best of 2008 – Biggest Moment in Gaming


This year has had some great games, you can admit that. What we won’t admit is that the gaming year has not big news this year because trust us, it has if you like it or not.

And the prime example of this is Final Fantasy XIII announced for the Xbox 360 but it isn’t just Final Fantasy XIII taking the spotlight. There are many more in the nominees and they are after the jump.

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII Announced for the Xbox 360 at E3 2008

John Schappert
John Schappert Announced as Tokyo Games Show Keynote Speaker

Xbox 360 Elite
The Xbox 360 Actually Sells in Japan

Metal Gear Solid 4
The Shocking Amount of 10′s for Metal Gear Solid 4 (Us Included)

And later on, we’ll be setting up a special forum for the awards in our recently opened forums.

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