CONFIRMED: PlayStation Home to Be Out Before Christmas


PlayStation Home will be out by the end of the year and will infact be out in time for Christmas.

Thats according to two people in the know, internet superhero and Home community manager TedtheDog and the English Community Team Leader, MusterBuster.

TedtheDog gave a vital update to the Home invites which were meant to be sent out on Friday before being delayed until Monday due to a email problem but even then, the problem didn’t exactly go away and the emails will now be sent on Tuesday.

But at the end of his post, he said…

Again its not everyone, for those who dont get an invite Open Beta will be here before Christmas.

Meanwhile, Community Team Leader of the English Forums of the EU PlayStation Forums, MusterBuster, revealed to GOONL!NE the exact same sentiment to what TedtheDog said in saying the Open Beta will be here before Christmas.

Update on the invites [EU PS Forums]