Sony Give No Comment to Killzone 2 Date


You gotta love Sony sometimes, their straight forward no nonsense talk may get them somewhere someday. However, when we spoke to them about a certain date, we didn’t love them.

GOONL!NE got in touch with Sony to confirm if Killzone 2 would indeed be given a February 20th date like we mentioned on Friday but all we got was a “No Comment”, joy.

Like I said, 3 retailers who happen to be GAME, Gamestop Ireland and HMV, have had February 20th down as a date for the game to come out in Europe following the apparent confirmation of February 17th for the US during GameSpot’s On The Spot program late on Thursday night.

Looks like we will have to wait a bit further until Sony confirms the date or any other date for that matter for the game.