No PlayStation Home Invites Today


Internet superhero TedtheDog has some more grim news about the release of PlayStation Home beta codes: there won’t be any today.

He states that the problems were, once again, down to the mailing process which delayed the process of emails going out on Friday, Monday and now, today.

He did state that they should be sent by tomorrow.

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Afternoon all

As you are probably aware we aimed to send not far short of 200,000 invitations last week and the mailing process might have gone a little better, the end result being a large number of the invitees did not receive their invites.

We are identifing those people and adding them to the list of people we are emailing later this week. We will not be sending out any emails today and I’ll let you know if we plan on sending any tomorrow, but that requires the external problems to be solved by tomorrow morning.

If not everything will go Thursday and we’ve made some changes to try and ensure things work as intended this time.

Apologies for the delay but surely you’re used to it by now?

Update on invitations – 25th Nov [EU PS Forums]