RUMOR: Metal Gear Solid 4 LittleBigPlanet Pack Coming Thursday


We knew Snake was coming to LittleBigPlanet since he was unveiled alongside a Sephiroth sackboy back at the Tokyo Games Show in October but now it seems, there maybe more coming then just Snake.

A leak has appeared on the Hong Kong PlayStation website which shows a LBP Metal Gear Solid 4 character and level pack coming this Thursday on the HK PS Store (it’s unconfirmed at this time if this will be worldwide)

In the character pack, you get Old Snake but you also get 3 other characters. Screaming Mantis, Meryl Silverburgh and Raiden in his ninja suit.

As for the level pack, they will contain stuff like material, stickers you know, the stuff you’d get with LBP level packs.

No prices were listed but if anything, the characters will be either sold seperately or together in a bundle (the recent Street Fighter LBP character pack is proof of this), whichever way you wanna buy them.

For anybody who has LittleBigPlanet, this is a must buy of any kind, MGS fan or not. And if you haven’t got LBP, why the hell not? Luckully, read our review of the game here.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Sackboys (Yes, Plural), Level Pack Arriving Soon [Kotaku]