RUMOR: New Team ICO Info to Arrive Tomorrow


We’ve been gasping for the new Team ICO project since we finished Shadow of the Colossus on the PlayStation 2 just over 2 years ago. Since then, we have only had one piece of concept art thus far but we could be getting so more info within the next 24 hours.

We aren’t expecting anything more then something like a concept art or a message possibly but according to Team ICO Gamers, they have recieved a little surprise.

They have teased it on their website’s community blog showing off what appears to be a Christmas card with the words showing ICO and PLAYSTATION 3. They promise to show more of it within the next 24 hours but if this is an indication to a blowout or a blowout coming today (as unlikely as it could be), this would be the biggest megaton this year, even more so then Final Fantasy XIII and the Xbox 360 at E3 2008.

We can only hope for a signifigant bit of info coming out of this within the next 24 hours as the new Team ICO is the most antcipated title of the PLAYSTATION 3 coming in 2009 (assuming it hits in 2009 although this is Team OlympICO remember, every 4 years)

Website totally redesigned… plus a little surprise [Team ICO Gamers